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25 March 2019

23 March 2019

There may be Northern Lights tonight viewable from Northern US. More, More, More.
I'm in Maine, and the sky may be clear tonight, which it usually isn't.
posted by: theora55 at: 15:00 | 6 comments

21 March 2019

You're off the hook, Arse.
posted by: Doohickie at: 23:06 | 5 comments

20 March 2019

EQUINOX! It's not some kind of horse cow, but if it was, it would be equal parts horse and cow--

And so we can curse the darkness exactly as much as we shun the light, all things being equal if we're only talking night and day.

Taken out of context and popped onto anything else, that might sound abstractly profound, but it's literal, dammit!

posted by: ethylene at: 02:18 | 8 comments

19 March 2019

Hey kids! The first player to grab the poop earns a token! "Warning! CHOKE HAZARD!" Read more...
posted by: arse_hat at: 16:28 | 1 comment