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02 September 2014

Danf how ya doing? Keeping you in my thoughts.
posted by: chewatadistance at: 18:47 | 1 comment

01 September 2014

Do you associate songs with seasons?
posted by: miko at: 21:08 | 6 comments

31 August 2014

OMG I can't believe it -
posted by: Doohickie at: 22:40 | 3 comments
How's your weekend going?
posted by: amro at: 06:36 | 17 comments

30 August 2014

What, if anything, of your household possessions came from the side of the road? Read more...
posted by: miko at: 22:12 | 20 comments
What are you waiting for?
posted by: serena at: 11:04 | 21 comments

29 August 2014

Limits of Autodidacticism I've been reading various classic texts lately, guided mostly by stumbling upon titles while reading literary essays and other criticism. So I sent Milton's Lycidas (wikipedia link) to my KindleRead more...
posted by: firas at: 13:13 | 1 comment
Friday Question from the Book of Questions When was the last time you stole something? Why haven't you stolen anything since?
posted by: bearwife at: 11:00 | 9 comments
Photo Friday: Shiny
posted by: kronos_to_earth at: 00:01 | 8 comments

27 August 2014

You're not likely to ever get more OMGBUNNIES than this...
Giant Pink Bunny on the Hillside, You've Been Served!
posted by: oneswellfoop at: 13:06 | 3 comments
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is Shiny. I'm looking at you, Doohickie. I hope this doesn't mean lots and lots of pictures of shiny bicycles ...
posted by: senyar at: 10:11 | 2 comments
Who's on Pinterest? Link to your boards! Link to somebody else's boards!
posted by: thepinksuperhero at: 09:19 | 6 comments