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27 March 2020

We the undead. Wife and I both checking temps regularly and are both consistently below normal. I don't remember meeting any zombies or vampires...
posted by: arse_hat at: 12:28 | 7 comments

26 March 2020

'During an expedition to the Antarctic, Russian surgeon Leonid Rogozov started to feel tired and weak. Being a surgeon, he immediately realised that he was suffering from acute appendicitis and needed an operation. The only problem was that he was the only doctor on the team.'
(Warning pic of self surgery)
posted by: arse_hat at: 14:40 | 2 comments

24 March 2020

I got up this morning. I try to avoid telling other people's stories but without much identifying info here is one about a 99 year old woman.Read more...
posted by: arse_hat at: 20:54 | 2 comments
Ollie the cockatoo loves Elvis. The other bird is sick of Ollie's shit.
posted by: senyar at: 17:39 | 1 comment

23 March 2020

The UK is now under lockdown, to be enforced by the police Read more...
posted by: senyar at: 17:34 | 3 comments
Meet Freddie.
posted by: senyar at: 15:31 | 3 comments

22 March 2020

posted by: arse_hat at: 00:54 | 2 comments

21 March 2020

Woke up this morning thinking 'shit, I have a fever' turns out Read more...
posted by: arse_hat at: 16:54 | 4 comments
Spring is here!
posted by: senyar at: 10:25 | 4 comments