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20 April 2015

Finally finished a frustrating fable... Have you ever picked up a book, and ended up being relieved that it was over, simply because it exasperated you so much? Yes, I just fininshed "Ahab's Wife: Or, The Star Gazer" by Sena Jeter Naslund. 666 pages (yes, really) of too much existential ramblings, interwoven with a completely unbelievable story line. Thank goodness I got it at the used book store, and didn't pay full price for it.

What have been your most frustrating books?
posted by: redvixen at: 14:35 | 3 comments

17 April 2015

Photo Friday: Fire
posted by: kronos_to_earth at: 01:35 | 5 comments

15 April 2015

Humpday 3-point update
posted by: senyar at: 14:09 | 12 comments
The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Fire
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