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03 October 2015

Something that made me go HMMMM, HUH? If you're over 46 years of age, then every man to walk on the moon did so in your lifetime (even if you were too young to remember seeing them). And if you're under 43, then NOBODY has been to the moon in YOUR lifetime. Sorry.
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How to Win Bedtime and Influence My Person
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02 October 2015

60 Versions of Leonard Cohenís 'Hallelujah,' Ranked In which Newsweek justifies its continued existence. I'm partial to the k.d. lang version.
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Random playlist. What you got playing?
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Friday question NOT from the book of questions What's your favorite animal? Why?
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01 October 2015

Photo Friday: Stars
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Halloween is Coming Are you planning on dressing up?
The Outerbridge Crossing connects Perth Amboy, NJ to Staten Island, NY. It is the most remote bridge in NYC, and the southernmost bridge in NY State.

Its name, however, is from Eugenius Harvey Outerbridge, first chairman of the NY Port Authority.

There is your NY trivia for the day!
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30 September 2015

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Heavy Rotation -- what's your song of the week? What's in heavy rotation at your house? What's the latest beat from off the street?
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"Jon Hendren spent an entire segment talking about Edward Scissorhands instead of Edward Snowden. No one noticed."
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The theme for this week's Photo Friday is : Stars
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*tap* *tap* is this thing on? So uh, hello!

Long time no speak. How are YOU doing?

Missed this place!
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There, I did it. With this heartwarming video of a kitten using his wheelchair for the first time, I have fulfilled my pledge to post something (anything) every day for the back half of September. Hope I didn't bore you too much!
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29 September 2015

Hurfy Berfday two mee just stopped by to say happy birthday to me. i mean to quonsar. well, he is me.
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*shakes mighty fist* In this prolonged round of the dreaded game, "What's that smell?"Read more...
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So ... it turns out I have shingles
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Bunny! OMG! Cottontail rabbits, represent!
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Today is National Coffe Day in the US Just in case anyone missed the IMPORTANT NEWS of the day.... free coffee at participating stores
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28 September 2015

"I don't think I'll be able to eat rice, salmon or olives in any form ever again." 20 Unholy Recipes from the past. Anyone wanna come over for dinner?
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27 September 2015

Japanese manhole covers. I believe it was Hugh Janus who told me about these. Aren't they lovely? There is also a book.
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