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08 April 2024

Anyone else in the path of the eclipse? We were at 99.6% totality and it was pretty neat but the 2017 one was more fun.[More:] We were a long way off from the totality that time but it was later in the day and it was in August. Things got a darker but the leaves from my pear tree acted as a pinhole camera and I had little eclipses moving across my lawn.

The cats had a variety of reactions. Ginger was in his house sleeping. The 3 others were in the porch enjoying a sunny day. Possum didn't seem to care at all, while Casper was quite concerned about the sudden darkness, pacing and stopping and pacing again.

Nora had the most extreme reaction. She slept soundly through the build up and the darkest point and woke up about 5 minuets after. She was startled and upset. She headed for the bathroom and the kitchen. I think she felt she had overslept and missed treat time and dinner time.

As the light came back she calmed down. A close call though. One can't miss out on treats.
posted by: arse_hat at: 21:21 | 3 comments
We were in 99.6% and decided not to drive north to get to totality after seeing how much traffic there was. My wife and MiL did a nice Buddhist blessing, and we sat on our porch and enjoyed the show. I didn't notice any change in behavior by the sheep. My dog seemed a bit upset, but that could have been because we were all outside and not one was paying attention to him -- and he is the center of the universe.

My webcam showed changes in the light, but the timelapse just shows a brief shadow. But it was so warm one can see the snow melting.

Timelapse video from 8 April 2024 (YouTube)

I briefly had some post-eclipse FOMO after seeing everyone's photos and video, but I'm already over it.
posted by terrapin 09 April | 07:35
I'm glad so many people got to see it and that a big thing was made of it. For most people it'll be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

In 1999 we had an eclipse in the UK. We closed the office and all the staff (about a dozen of us) walked down to the local park where we watched the eclipse reflected in the lake (no fancy glasses available in those days!). As it grew dark, all the birds fell silent. One of my work friends and I started dancing and singing "This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius". The winos who spent their days lounging in the bandstand just carried on drinking and looked at us as if we were nuts.

Seeing the eclipse is an experience I will never forget.
posted by senyar 09 April | 11:12
I was not near the eclipse.

Interesting how critters react to the differences and how personality related it is. I have heard that birds are quiet during the darkness. Did anyone have opportunity observe that?
posted by mightshould 11 April | 05:10