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19 January 2023

Car abandoned on tracks, hit by train. Because no one is hurt this is fascinating to watch. Why this person abandoned the car is still unknown.
posted by: JanetLand at: 08:55 | 4 comments
That is a very strange thing to do. I wonder if the driver was planning suicide but then chickened out.
posted by senyar 21 January | 08:37
According to comments under the clip, they actually charged the car's driver: "This news came out just today:
Authorities in Ashland said they have identified and charged the driver of a vehicle that was hit by a train early Sunday.

Lizzeth Calderon Henriquez was charged with misdemeanor hit and run, operating a vehicle without a driverís license, and operating a vehicle without insurance."

No insurance, so no insurance fraud. I wonder if it wasn't her car (maybe an ex's?) and she was trying to "get even".
posted by redvixen 22 January | 20:34
Wow. That's some weirdness. Fraud was my first thought.
posted by arse_hat 22 January | 22:00
I think it must have been a very sudden decision, because it is difficult to know precisely when those CSX trains are roaring through Ashland. It's the engineer I feel sorry for -- unable to stop in time and not knowing at that moment that no one was in the car. I've seen a lot of "near miss" videos and I would think that engineers must have blood pressure and anxiety and every stress-related condition out there.
posted by JanetLand 23 January | 08:20