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20 June 2022

It was saunter day today. Got me wondering what ever happened to saunter cat?
posted by: arse_hat at: 00:31 | 9 comments
I invented Saunter Cat in November 2006, when I came across the picture and captioned it 'Saunter Cat'. But the domain where his original picture was hosted has been taken over and it's been replaced by another picture, which I do not necessarily object to.
posted by senyar 20 June | 15:26
I had forgotten saunter cat, but recently I was wondering what happened to ceiling cat..
posted by redvixen 20 June | 16:31
The Wayback Machine has it here.
posted by darkforest 21 June | 12:01
Oh, fantastic, DarkForest, thank you!
posted by senyar 21 June | 13:15
Cat-a-loging this for later....
posted by mightshould 22 June | 18:30
That's cat-egorically bad humor mightshould.
posted by arse_hat 22 June | 20:06
Ah, arse-hat, aren't you feline it?
posted by mightshould 26 June | 17:26