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01 January 2022

Fuck life. I had some great things I was going to write here last night in response to Senyar's post but I went to bed and left it for today. Now whatever I saw good. Well fuck that. [More:]

Up today
happy birthday
happy new year
dead brother in law
little info
trying to support my god kids

So a memorable birthday.

posted by: arse_hat at: 14:19 | 13 comments
Oh fuck, arse_hat, I am so very, very sorry.
posted by senyar 01 January | 15:00
Oh shit, arse_hat. Condolences to you all.
posted by mightshould 01 January | 15:41
Oh my goodness. Terrible news. I am so sorry.
posted by miko 01 January | 15:59
Remember when we used to have shouting threads?

posted by arse_hat 01 January | 18:58
So 1 AM and the kids are fine. They are thankfully all in their 20s now. As their godparents we promised to take care of them many years ago but I am glad they are all grown now.

They all have issues but two just started new families in the past two years and my BiL got to see that. They had a good Christmas together.

We are also executors of the estate and there is already an issue. Can't go in to it but fuck me sideways. (and I don't like cops any more than I did yesterday).

I feel badly for another BiL who lost his wife at the end of 2019, mother at the end of 2020, his BiL a couple of weeks ago and now a brother. And he has a MiL with dementia.

Anyway, I just ordered 4 mini commemorative urns for the kids. Enameled brass with a dragon on top and dragon claws on the sides. If my BiL could still shit he would shit if he saw them. They just really are right.

Another BiL got every bit of paper in the house and anything of sentimental family value and the computer and phone and memory sticks and car keys a few hours ago after the police released the property. AGAIN Can't go in to it but fuck me sideways. (and I don't like cops any more than I did yesterday).

Now I go out for a cigar and a scotch then tomorrow off to see other BiL to get the electronics to run forensics on them.
posted by arse_hat 02 January | 01:39
2.44 am on phone with goddaughter/niece. I can sleep when I'm dead.
posted by arse_hat 02 January | 02:51
arse_hat, this is a good place for SHOUTY McSHOUTFACE!

And hugs. Many many hugs.
posted by mightshould 02 January | 05:42
Yes, arse_hat do ALL THE SHOUTING.
posted by senyar 02 January | 12:25
Yep, if there was ever a time to JUST FUCKING SHOUT INTO THE WIND, your time is now arse_hat, so go for it!
posted by dg 03 January | 19:44
Back home for about 14 hours then we are off again. At least a lot of things went well today.

I have a cop tac jacket from a thing I worked on many years back. Dressed in black and wearing that jacket, tac boots, and being at least twice the age of all the cops I had to talk to made a difference.

Worked my privilege and not sorry for it.

Thanks for the replies guys. Love you all.
posted by arse_hat 05 January | 21:28
Oh and I now have 4 incident numbers with the police in another city that I carry on my person so when I have to call them I can convey the seriousness of the issue quickly.

My opinion of the police has softened a bit since my earlier posts. The lead detective is still a lazy judgmental cunt (sorry) but of the nine constables seven have been ok including the young one six days on the job.

Three cops spent three hours today trying to get a woman legal help and shelter assistance only to be told to fuck off. I was impressed. I don't know if they really care or were just covering their asses but they tried. It's something.

There are three scummy people involved and one who I don't know about and one who is either a saint or the worst scum bag human trafficking shit fuck ever to walk the earth.

Of the three scummy people one was the biggest pain in the ass but I really believe she is a messed up person just trying to survive. I am too close to being like her to want to hurt her for no reason.

She is also a user of vulnerable people but she is very vulnerable herself. She has been involved in crimes here and may be involved in a big one. I gave her easy ways out but she didn't take them.

I had to use my charismatic and communication skills to bring the power of the state down on her. I am not humble bragging here. When I turn it on I can lead people very well.

I knew she has a fourteen year old cat who has a tumor in his mouth. He was a big tuxedo cat who reminds me of my old buddy Wen but he is wasting away. He is also very gentle, sweet and trusting.

I bought a cat carrier and a flat of canned cat food and gave it to her. No cat should have to suffer for his owners bullshit.

I know this is a lot but I really need to vent at least a little bit somewhere.
posted by arse_hat 06 January | 03:45
just, just.....hugs and hugs and hugs to y'all. All the hugs.
posted by mightshould 06 January | 12:16
Feel free to vent, arse_hat, we are here for you.
posted by senyar 06 January | 16:42