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31 December 2021

Happy New Year As we leave 2021 behind, what are your hopes and dreams for 2022?

[More:]I hope I'll be able to visit friends and family again.

I hope to lose the weight that's been dragging me down, both mentally and physically. I have to try to avoid obsessive behaviour where food and exercise are concerned, a difficult balance for me, an all-or-nothing personality.

I hope that, as the Covid virus mutates, it becomes less deadly. Viruses don't want to kill their hosts, or they die too. I hope that Omicron, or whatever the next mutation is, will be the one that allows us to live with it rather than die from it.

I am no longer dreaming of finding a partner. I truly think that ship has sailed, but I'm mostly okay with that. But I do dream of the day when my first thought of the day isn't what a worthless piece of shit I am. I can hurt myself far worse than any other person.

I also dream of the day when Rudi decides to curl up on my lap and fall asleep. He is as bitey and fighty as the day I first adopted him. But I love him, so very, very much.

I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year, wherever you are, and however you celebrate or ignore the crossing into 2022.

posted by: senyar at: 16:44 | 3 comments
I am almost sucked dry, or just exhausted emotionally.

I am going home for a night; two nights if mom does okay. That may be restorative. I haven't any recollection of the last time I spent at home other that dash by runs.

Hugs to all! I still care about y'all, just not up to communicating.
posted by mightshould 01 January | 15:47
It's been a very trying year, 2 years, 4 years, decade. I wish for everyone the rest and healing they deserve. My New Year's wishes for hope, happiness and health to all.
posted by miko 01 January | 16:00
{Senyar} I wish I could say it will all be OK but, even though it probably will sometime somehow, I get this is hard to see.

Hopes and dreams? Meh. I'm actually incredibly lucky in so many ways that really matter, but the last two years have been a professional desert for me and have sucked a lot of joy away. I'm contemplating leaving the industry I had dedicated an enormous amount of energy to and truly believed I would be able to contribute to for the rest of my working life. Oddly, applying for a job (that I almost certainly won't get) back in the industry I started my career in seems to have lifted a little bit of the fog I've been under professionally for the past two years and, whatever the outcome, I'm hoping to once again find some passion for my work. We spend too much time working to have it not be at least somewhat rewarding, so here's hoping.

Sending good thoughts into the cosmos for those that need them.
posted by dg 03 January | 19:53