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18 June 2021

Ummm, fellas... any of you have photographs of yourself done up with a bit of flair? [More:] the one that ethylene had taken, stickied to the front page? I think I've been seeing it since the last time I was a regular here, what... almost 10 years back?

Just wanted to see how creative the other posters are, so that maybe we can put her/his photo up as well.

(another one has to be the pizza-pic that senyar had posted the day before... man, that pie looked so good I could've eaten it through the screen)
posted by: hadjiboy at: 07:56 | 3 comments
Hmmmm...I'll have to look and see. I tend to avoid having pics taken of me, and have almost never done any selfie shots.
posted by thorzdad 23 June | 08:05
I'm a bit reluctant to put pictures of myself in the public domain, for work reasons. I have photos on Facebook, but my profile is restricted.
posted by senyar 24 June | 15:37
Oh man, really sorry for having abandoned this thread--had a few things that needed my attention, so couldn't follow up with this for awhile now... hmmm, let's see what you guys think about this then: how about we take the picture of a celebrity who we "think" we may look like, or would *like* to resemble... I don't know you know, you can kill me for saying it--but I always thought I might, in some way--if maybe looked at in the right angle--with the sun hitting my features a particular way, might look like him, lol.

Hey, I did say who we would "like" to look as, "like" being the operative word there. (;
posted by hadjiboy 09 July | 19:37