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14 June 2021

Hey guys, how about we do one of these again... what are you having? Or rather, what will you be having once you get home tonight??

[More:]Monday, first day of the week. And as far as I know, both Britain and the US have finally started opening up!

Sorry guys... was having a bit of trouble with the we have an image tag? I was trying to use the link button, but it was giving me an error.
posted by: hadjiboy at: 10:28 | 14 comments
To post an image, hadjiboy, look below the box you type in and you'll see six little boxes - Bold, Italics, Quote, Link, Image, Close Tags.

Click on the Image box and a pop up will open for you to paste the Imgur link into.

Here is my dinner tonight.
≡ Click to see image ≡.
posted by senyar 15 June | 13:22
Whoa, tell me you didn't end up making that at home... I mean, the box that it's in would be a dead give-away, but knowing you you maybe have a business on the side selling exquisitely crafted pizza's.

I mean, mine are made at home (mom's recipe, except I should've maybe removed the seeds of the capsicum [i think they have another name for it in the west; i remember the last time i'd mentioned it to someone from the states she couldn't stop laughing, lol... guess it reminded her of something else:p]). Didn't taste that bad though, but should try and not repeat the mistake again.

Can't afford to order out so have no idea how good or bad pizza-hut/dominoes or any of the other places are, but the one that you just posted looks pretty neat.
posted by hadjiboy 16 June | 14:41
I don't usually order take-out pizza, as the only choice for delivery round here is Dominos, Pizza Hut or Papa John, and I really dislike the pre-made, manufactured taste of franchise pizza places.

But I was getting a haircut yesterday and noticed a new pizza place had opened opposite the salon, run by an Italian guy, wood-fired oven and all. And they have vegan cheese on request! So after my haircut I called in and got that pizza. It was great and only took a few minutes to cook in the heat of the wood-fired oven.

It's definitely a treat - it's a pretty high-calorie dinner for me - but it was really good and I will order from them again.
posted by senyar 16 June | 16:48
I am having a salad.

But wait, I tried making a vegan bean-beet-burger recipe that senyar linked for me a while ago. So, this is my first try at the recipe. It didn't turn out as expected because I probably used beets that were much larger than whatever size the recipe expected. So, it's not optimal. But I fried up some as if it was ground meat and cooled it off with some yummy sour cream mixed in. This went atop the salad and is a good use.

Next time I will mix in some taco seasoning and I bet that will be yummy.

....and.....Bertie just dipped his paw into my pitcher of iced tea because he is that kinda cat.

posted by mightshould 16 June | 17:22
Heheheh, aw Bertie, it's okay--I'm sure you wouldn't've liked it anyway!

A Bean-Beet-Burger? Okay, pictures please... that is if you haven't finished it already, and if so--then be sure to take one next time; I don't think I've ever seen that particular combo before. Bet it was nice, especially with the sour cream mixed in.

You guys are really good at this.
posted by hadjiboy 16 June | 20:32
You know Senyar, we actually had a couple of papajohn's that had opened up in my city a couple of years back, but since dominoes basically controls the market here, with Pizzahut just managing to take in about 10% of the market--there was hardly anything left for PJ's to sink their teeth into. I think they might still be active in Mumbai though. I actually liked them for the sole reason that it wasn't what I'd become accustomed to having, whenever I'd have to order takeout.

But the fact that you had yours made in a wooden fired oven must've been a delight. From the shows I've watched on the food network they say that there's nothing like it, and the people who usually patronize these places swear by 'em. (and hey--did you say something about a hair cut? I haven't had one in almost a year, and am loving the curls that are growing out of it. Really suits my face)

Mum, on the other hand, can't wait to tie a knot around it whenever it's long enough, lol. I'm just hoping a man-bun on me doesn't look *too* out of place, at least for the minute or two that I keep it on!
posted by hadjiboy 16 June | 20:46
A carrot [] samosa, which if you haven't tried, definitely should [].
posted by hadjiboy 18 June | 18:45
Sorry senyar, but I'm still unable to make the image tag work... what can I say--I've never been good with technology.
posted by hadjiboy 18 June | 18:48
Senyar: That's my go-to combo of toppings. nom.
posted by terrapin 25 June | 15:30
Maybe caprese?
posted by miko 03 July | 21:07
It's the official day for US folks to celebrate independence from being a colony.

Grilling is usually the big thing but since I worked a long hot tiring day I am having chips and tzatziki. Yum.
posted by mightshould 04 July | 15:29
Oh, hey Miko! Nice seeing you here!!

Well, just to give you an idea of how culinarilly challenged I am--had to actually look up what "caprese" meant; have never had it before, and don't really get that sort of thing in the economic tax bracket in which I live, so now you know what you're dealing with.

On the other hand--I hope all of the Americans on-board had a peaceful Independence day celebrations last week. (:

Ps. had this for my birthday the day before... it's a Nutella Hazelnut Cake, an it was *divine*... omg.
posted by hadjiboy 09 July | 19:24
That cake looks very decadent, hadjiboy.
posted by senyar 12 July | 10:33
Thanks senyar!

Hope you're staying safe and doing the best you can this year.
posted by hadjiboy 09 August | 13:28