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05 August 2020

A Postcard to My Old House, MeCha - I still love you [More:]I've been recently reflecting on how much time I used to spend online - now that I'm being forced to do ALL OF THE THINGS online.

MeCha was one of the first internet places that I really called home. I loved, and still love, this place. I pop back in every once and a while to see if it's still here. I'm glad it is, but sad to see it shrinking. Just the inevitable erosion as people move on and up in their lives. It's understandable. Please put me on the list of people that could potentially take over if needed. I'd hate to see it be gone forever.

I don't know who's still around, but if you see this and want to get in touch, I have the same username on Instagram and Twitter. I see some of you there already. And if the world weren't so fucked right now I'd probably be seeing others in person.

If you're on Discord for any reason and would like to connect there, reach out to me somewhere else and we'll figure it out. I am kind of active in the servers for the Hideous Laughter and Southern Tomfoolery podcasts. They play Pathfinder and Starfinder, respectively, and are growing a group of really talented and supportive people.

If you're into TTRPG actual-play podcasts made by some really good and sexy people, please check them out. Tell them Little Pink Fox sent you. ;)

Southern Tomfoolery
Hideous Laughter

I hope that you're all safe and well and taking care of yourself as best you can in these, the truly most fucked of times. Do the census, vote, and remember - only you can prevent stupid bullshit. I love you all.
posted by: youngergirl44 at: 21:47 | 8 comments
Hi youngergirl44! Saw your recent tweet about Doc Holliday and realized I see almost nothing from you so I clicked the bell thing which means I should see more of your posts I think. It is sad to me that all the old communities seem dead now. Everyone has moved on to social media. I've deleted most of my online life and only really follow twitter to find feeds and news about protests, covid and life in other places. Still I could see that without an account so I am considering deleting Twitter too.
posted by arse_hat 05 August | 23:41
Hi! Good to e you here!
posted by miko 05 August | 23:49
Hi! Hang on; it's a very bumpy ride.
posted by mightshould 06 August | 06:36
Hello, my dear friend! It's so good to see you here. I have an Instagram account which I only have so I can see other people's things on there. I don't understand enough about how it works to know about posting there with sufficient privacy. I'm also on Twitter but find its interface totally baffling, with nothing in the right order and unable to see replies to anything, or even my own (few) Tweets. I hate it. It's too hard for me to follow.

Mostly I'm on Facebook now, but keep it light in terms of disclosing anything too personal. On FB I have a mix of people from my various life threads all in one place. It just seems easier that way.
posted by senyar 06 August | 12:04
What a great post! nice to see you. I'm theora55 on fb, not very active on that account, but happy to see MeChazens.

Living alone through Pandemic is pretty weird. I'm up to chat or whatever.
posted by theora55 06 August | 13:09
I have to say, for a site that's supposedly "dead," it's nice to see that when you post, you know, like a bunch of people show up to say hi.

Also down to chat or whatever! Where's the best place to chat? GChat? I confess I never knew how MetaChat chat even ran, I think it was IRC, right? That's beyond my skill level, if it even still exists.

So tonight, our power came back on after a multiday outage due to Hurricane Isaias. It was a rough go because it's so hot. I also had a big piece of writing due and threw the schedule off. The nice thing though is that I got to know some of our neighbors better. Disasters tend to bring out the good in people, if it's there to begin with. I feel a little more sense of belonging in the town because people helped us out and checked in with us. It's a bright spot in what's been a pretty shitty time.

posted by miko 06 August | 22:19
Oh, hello.
posted by Doohickie 09 August | 23:02
A few days late, but I pop in occasionally to see who's still around and posting, too. And I also have a few social media accounts I don't like and almost never use. I would love to chat with any or all of you.
posted by tangerine 14 August | 00:32