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20 May 2020

Birthdaaaays! Tomorrow, I am even older. The day after tomorrow, senyar is even older, too. [More:]
Tonight I treated myself to a naughty frozen lasagna and glass of very good wine. I used the china plate and decorated the table with a nice candle and some cut flowers. All with no guilt.

Tomorrow, I spend with my mom, who did all the actual work on my birthday. Even though this pandemic is ongoing, I'm sheltering in 2 places so I can look after her; but, I really do enjoy my downtime at home.

Hang in there all you bunnies.
posted by: mightshould at: 17:20 | 5 comments
Happy Birthday yous guys!

Flashing lights warning. >>>>>>>>>>>>

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posted by arse_hat 20 May | 19:33
Happy birthday, kids!
(I say "kids" assuming I'm already your elder, of course)
posted by thorzdad 21 May | 07:19
I've had a lovely day, with neighbours hanging birthday banners for me from their windows and balconies. I had a lovely long walk in the forest, cake for breakfast and wonderful Indian food for dinner. This is a holiday weekend, and I took today off, so a lovely long weekend for me before work starts again next week.

My days of hard partying are long gone (although once I start dancing, if the music's right, I'll close the place down).
posted by senyar 22 May | 15:31
Sounds fantastic, Senyar. I'd love to have Indian for my birthday. Sadly, I'm the only lover of Indian food in my family.
posted by thorzdad 24 May | 12:57
Belated happy birthday to you both!
posted by msali 25 May | 09:16