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11 February 2020

and fuck you! One of those house buying shows on the TV and [More:]I hear the husband saying to the wife 'Look, an antique wood stove. The guy said it's about 55 years old.'

Antique? Well fuck you you little punk why I oughta... mumble mumble
posted by: arse_hat at: 19:27 | 6 comments
But at least it qualifies for a senior discount some places....

And a 55 y.o. car is both a collector's item and also an antique.

We are like very fine and properly aged wine!
posted by mightshould 12 February | 18:51
At 61, my body is a temple. A crumbling, ancient ruin that nobody's been in for years.
posted by senyar 13 February | 14:29
Just realised, I'm not 61 yet. I just feel it today.
posted by senyar 13 February | 14:30
I say my mind is like a steel trap. Rusty, and offensive to right thinking folk.
posted by arse_hat 13 February | 14:32
Oh hey. I work in museums and at this point we're often showing stuff from the 70s-90s. It IS history! And think about it. There are people over 18 walking around who were born after 9/11. 1980 is as long ago for them as 1969 was when I was 20. A full grown-ass adult who's 35 was born in the mid-80s. It was in the 90s aready that I had to explain what vinyl records were to kids. Once when I referred to a record a kid asked me "You mean those big plastic CDs?"

"Antique," "vintage" and "collectible" aren't regulated terms, even though various authorities and interests try to stake claims around them. I do a lot of shopping for old stuff and tend to scoff at the label "Antique" on recent stuff too. But hey. I'm getting old, and stuff I remember from childhood is starting to qualify.
posted by miko 15 February | 10:01
While we're on the topic I'll tell you what really grates on my about those home remodel shows. When they interview the homeowners about why they're renovating and what they want, they tend to say things like "we need a bigger kitchen because we entertain. We need a triple garage because we have a big family. We need a great room because we have a lot of family events. We need a deck because blah blah blah."

I know this is just colloquial but for fuck's sake, folks, you don't need any of those things. You want them, and I understand they are going to make your life nicer, but you need food water shelter love and that's about it. Screw that and fuck the way we've forgotten the difference between necessity and luxury.
posted by miko 15 February | 10:03