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08 October 2019

Looking at the little Halloween Twix bars. How do I tell if they are from the right or the left factory?
posted by: arse_hat at: 18:03 | 4 comments
I got a bag of FunSize Twix recently and each of the individually wrapped pieces is clearly labeled either "left" or "right". Of course that means I'll eat them twice as fast because I don't want to eat one side and not the other.

But it does raise some questions: are Left Twix endorsed by the Super Bowl halftime star Left Shark? Or Right Twix endorsed by one-hit wonders Right Said Fred? Or are Left Twix related to the Post-Rapture book "Left Behind"?? Are any of the Right Twix alt-right?? Enquiring Minds want to know while they're snacking!!!
posted by oneswellfoop 09 October | 20:17
It's very simple: first, take two Twix bars from the bag. Eat one. Tasty, right? Really hit the spot? Clearly that was the right Twix. Set the other one down and go do something else until you need a snack. That's the left Twix.
posted by sysinfo v2.0 09 October | 23:06
Heh, try both and pick a side....
posted by mightshould 11 October | 13:21
I learn so much by asking questions here!
posted by arse_hat 13 October | 02:03