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05 October 2018

I got a gift this morning. From a cat.[More:] On the patio under the chair I usually sit on I found a mouse. Other than the broken neck it was pristine. I think it was most likely from Ginger although Wen could have done it.
posted by: arse_hat at: 16:17 | 5 comments
An acknowledgement of your care and acceptance of you as the head of the pack.
posted by senyar 06 October | 08:30

You have really won them over and they obviously are fed well enough that it wasn't necessary food and could be gifted to you. Quite an accomplishment. It's a good difference you are making in this world.
posted by mightshould 06 October | 18:25
Years ago we had a family reunion at my aunt and uncles farm. My two older cousins (I think I was ten or 11 at the time) and I got to stay in a tiny camper borrowed from a family friend. We left the door open, so some of the many farm cats could come and go as they pleased. I awoke one morning in my bunk, after my favorite cat had awakened me sometime in the night, to find a RAT only a foot from my head. Dead, of course. But wait! There's more! Under the pillow that I'd somehow shoved away from in my sleep, was a mouse!
My aunt assured me that I was that cat's favorite person, and I actually thought it was very cool. (My cousins never got any rodent gifts from their favorite cats, lol)
posted by redvixen 07 October | 20:12
A rat and a mouse? You were deeply loved.
posted by arse_hat 07 October | 22:40
That is a lovely gift,and well deserved.
posted by miko 08 October | 22:16