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06 August 2018

Sideways grape shot hail and green skies. How's your day?
posted by: arse_hat at: 14:19 | 4 comments
Cloudless blue skies and blazing hot sunshine.

My day's been good. I worked from home today and disposed of a difficult case I'd put on the back burner. I ran an errand at lunchtime and I'm now about to finish packing for my holiday. I'm headed to San Diego for a family wedding. It's actually cooler in San Diego than in Essex at the moment.

I've watered the garden, and tomorrow I'll top up the bird feeders, although they'll be empty in a day or so. Those little birds are eating me out of house and home. But they'll be okay until I come back. Because of the heatwave, blackberries that normally don't ripen until September are already ripe and ready to eat. There's a big blackberry vine growing over the fence from the house that backs onto my garden, so the birds can feast on them. There's lots of food around for them at this time of year.
posted by senyar 06 August | 16:00
Sun & blue sky.
Hail, wind, tree limbs, power out.
Sun & blue sky, power back.
Torrential rain glowing white sky.

Radar shows a few more hours of extremes. Pan sat near me and we watched the hail.
posted by arse_hat 06 August | 16:21
Good to hear that Pan still likes you!

Here it's rain rain rain hot humid.

We've already gone above our yearly average amount of rain. And the high time for hurricanes is upcoming.

I wish we could send some rain out west where it's desperately needed.
posted by mightshould 07 August | 08:36
I set the mower on highest level and got muddy mowing yesterday (our one evening without rain.)
posted by mightshould 07 August | 08:37