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14 June 2018

A post about my coworkers' toilet habits [More:] is what I planned for this evening, but instead I'm going to talk about getting drunk for $2.

I did my Wednesday night group ride tonight. I hadn't had dinner so I stopped at The People's Republic, my neighborhood bar. It's run by a Croatian family- nice people- and they have a food trailer out front. So I ordered some ćevapi and went into the bar for a drink while I waited.

Once in the bar I asked the bartender what the daily special was and he said discounted wells. So I ordered a house whiskey on the rocks.

The party of four next to me included a girl who's celebrating her birthday. By this time of night she was drunk enough that everything was funny and needed to be laughed at. The party ordered vodka shots and I mentioned that they should throw the shots back with the traditional Russian "na zdorovie!" She looked at me and told the bar tender, "Give the Russian guy a vodka too, I want him to say that when he drinks with us." So there was a free shot.

While all this was going on, the couple guys on the other side of me (one of which I was acquainted with) were chit-chatting. I decided to have one more beer and Bob, the guy I knew, offered to buy it. This is all in about an hour.

So when I cashed out, all I had to pay for was the well whiskey which was $1.25. I only had $2 in cash on me so I gave it to the bartender and told him to keep the change. I didn't get stinkin' drunk or anything but after riding my bicycle home I'm still rockin' a decent buzz.
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