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16 May 2018

A New Hope [More:]I was shocked.... shocked I say. I was out with some friends and someone had the temerity to bring up politics. One of the guys, who I happen to know is a Republican, said he's voting for Democrat Beto O'Rourke this fall over Republican Ted Cruz.

Could Texas be purple right now?
posted by: Doohickie at: 23:26 | 3 comments
San Luis Obispo County is one of California's purplest counties. With a lot of agriculture, tourism, a state university, unglamorous tech companies, and Cal's last nuclear power plant, it's a mixed bag. The good will of a grand old lady kept our congress seat in Democratic hands, but the state legislature districts are evenly split and the county board of supervisors is sadly dominated by a local right-wing PAC. This November's election has me hoping the 'Blue Wave' washes up on Pismo Beach, but I'm not sure, and in over 10 years here, I have NEVER talked politics with any of my physical neighbors. I save that for MeFi and other online forums. So check with me after the election.
posted by oneswellfoop 16 May | 23:53
We had local elections two weeks ago. There wasn't even a Labour Party candidate in my area. :-(
posted by senyar 17 May | 16:55
Oh by the way.... I put some BETO signs up in my yard yesterday. :-)
posted by Doohickie 17 May | 22:47