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31 March 2018

posted by: firas at: 08:41 | 5 comments
I saw this tweet that encapsulates my feelings on this: "Iím more excited for season 2 of Westworld than my own future."
posted by firas 31 March | 08:43
The only westworld I remember was with Yule Brenner as an evil robot cowboy?
posted by mightshould 31 March | 17:12
Yeah, this HBO show is based on the same premise from Michael Crichton---but the movie was just passable entertainment, meanwhile Westworld the TV series is a great work of art.
posted by firas 31 March | 21:21
I rather enjoyed the 1st season. Lots of interesting overtones about reality, consciousness, ...

Hi Firas!
posted by jouke 03 April | 12:18
Hi jouke!
posted by firas 04 April | 19:35