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26 November 2017

Anyone have thoughts about Justice League? I thought it was better than the critics suggest, but I was disappointed that we never got to hear the proper Wonder Woman theme from her previous two film appearances. But looking it up on Youtube I found this cover of the theme by the Tina Guo, the original cellist. So great.
posted by: firas at: 10:22 | 2 comments
Here are the tracks in question:

Batman v Superman: 'Is She With You?' (By Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL)

Wonder Woman: 'Wonder Woman's Wrath' and 'No Man's Land' (By Rupert Gregson-Williams)

Justice League: 'Wonder Woman Rescue' (By Danny Elfman)

Danny Elfman was brought on board by Joss Whedon after Zack Snyder left; the original composer for Justice League was Junkie XL. Many film score fans really like Danny Elfman and think Junkie XL's soundtracks barely qualify as music. But I disliked what Danny Elfman did in this particular scene by not using an electric guitar or electric cello when Wonder Woman appears.
posted by firas 26 November | 10:29
Oh.. and.. while I don't have time to be looking up these links right now, while we're here, I didn't like her entrance in JL in general, it felt a bit cheesy. Here are the three scenes in question (the JL one is not the full scene, it's a trailer-like clip)

Batman v Superman

No Man's Land (from Wonder Woman)

Justice League
posted by firas 26 November | 10:43