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12 November 2017

Sunday choir. Japanese popular music edition.

>>Following his retirement from mixed martial arts Genki Sudo pursued other arts like singing, composing, choreography, acting, professional calligraphy and writing. Check out his entrances as an MMA fighter.

WORLD ORDER was one of his first retirement projects. They are known for videos in which the group performs tightly choreographed and sometimes athletic robotic dance routines in public places.

WORLD ORDER Have a Nice Day




>>Utada Hikaru or just Utada, is a Japanese singer-songwriter. She has been a performer for 20 years and holds the record for the top selling Japanese language album of all time. She sings in Japanese and English.

Utada Passion JP

Utada Come Back To Me EN


>>alicenine or alice nine or A9 is a visual kei band. Visual kei is sort of like 70s glam rock filtered through 80s MTV pop. I first noticed this band because I heard some music and thought it sounded like Geoff Tate the lead singer for Queensryche but the words were not in English. I then found a video and thought they seemed a lot like the 80s band Platinum blond. Anyhow:

alice nine Rainbow



posted by: arse_hat at: 00:29 | 2 comments
This reminded me of something I had mercifully forgotten. A few years back Charlie’s Angels and Law and Order director McG made a video art installation for London’s Tate Modern. Kirsten Dunst Turning Japanese.
posted by arse_hat 12 November | 15:57
The visuals in the Passion video seem to be sorta art deco tinted anime style and are nicely done!
posted by mightshould 17 November | 06:55