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08 November 2017

Holiday Card exchange over at MetaTalk Hey, I started a holiday card exchange MetaTalk thread - we're doing international or just US, your preference.

I briefly talked to ThePinkSuperhero about it, and she suggested we send Mecha people over there, since it's been quiet here lately.

I'm asking that people memail me or email me (username at gmail) their name and address, and whether or not they want to do international or just U.S. by November 23rd, and then I'll have the lists out to people by November 27th. Suggested number was groups of 10, but if you want to do a multiple of that, let me know, and I can add you to more than one list.
posted by: needlegrrl at: 14:57 | 6 comments
Thank you! I know last year was our last here at mecha and I really miss it.
posted by mightshould 09 November | 12:08
I'm in! This year I'm doing Secret Quonsar for the first time, which I'm excited about too.
posted by senyar 09 November | 13:01
I'm getting such a good response to the card exchange, I'm super excited about it!

Doing Secret Quonsar again this year, as well, which is always a fun time.
posted by needlegrrl 09 November | 16:10
So glad you're carrying the banner on this one!
posted by thepinksuperhero 10 November | 15:01
I'm in! Will email you.

For folks who got a card from me last year in our own swap here, that just might happen again this year!
posted by initapplette 12 November | 17:23
I should add: if anyone who got a card from me last year has moved and wants one this year, email the address in my profile with your new mailing address. Thanks!
posted by initapplette 12 November | 17:33