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09 July 2017

Be Nice or Go Home. It's tourist season in Maine and that's the bumper sticker I want. Visitors from NY and MA, please leave your aggressive driving habits at the border.

Otherwise, we are enjoying beautiful sunny, breezy weather and there's no place I would rather be.
posted by: theora55 at: 13:58 | 5 comments
Haven't been to Maine since I was a kid. Loved it back then but it's just a little too far from Western PA to drive and flying there's a pain.
posted by octothorpe 09 July | 18:57
I'm near a tourist area too. The problem here is the mix of us folks trying to get to work vs. the retirees and tourists going 10mph under the speed limit and turing left or right from the opposite lane with no warning.

It's no fun. I travel in extra early and leave work late just to miss the rush hour madness.
posted by mightshould 10 July | 16:28
It's tourist season in London too. Packed tube trains everywhere, dawdlers on the street and people who think it's okay to wear giant rucksacks on crowded trains. Idiots.
posted by senyar 11 July | 12:26
We have been traveling this summer but for funerals so not much fun or dawdling.
posted by arse_hat 11 July | 18:36
I stayed on cape cod past labor day a few years ago and saw local old men on an overpass gleefully waving goodbye.

It's the off season in nola, but the French quarter was still crowded with frat boys last weekend(nola does their own version of the running of the bulls with peds; I kept my distance after dark)
posted by brujita 11 July | 20:11