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13 March 2017

Let's buy this! We could start our own university/commune/getaway place!
I've got some beer cans and pop cans in the garage. I'll take them back and kick that money in.
posted by arse_hat 14 March | 03:16
Can we start a cult? That sounds like fun.
posted by amro 14 March | 08:05
A cult! That sounds like a great idea.

I'll come up with a scary chant that we can repeat monotonously in unison.
posted by jouke 14 March | 11:11
Who are you calling a cult?
posted by senyar 14 March | 12:39
I don't know,.... it has ONLY 1 Vanderbilt mansion. Kinda wanting to hold out for the place with multiple V-ansions.

But, anywhere is a better place to be if it has Mechatters in residence. I'm in.
posted by mightshould 15 March | 07:23
Any price estimate? Is there a cult discount?
posted by obscure reference 15 March | 09:57
Wait, isn't this already a cult?
posted by terrapin 17 March | 15:35
I rather like this place. It even has its own amphitheatre overlooking the Med. According to The Guardian, it's only 305 million.
posted by senyar 18 March | 05:07
Very 1970s sci-fi future.
posted by arse_hat 18 March | 14:12
The French Riviera seems like a much more hospitable environment. Let's get it!
posted by mightshould 19 March | 05:42
This former dwelling of Pierre Cardin has available for about a year. I'm sure they're willing to come down to our price.
posted by jouke 19 March | 11:24
We could run a cult de-programming place. I'm in. Let me go see what I can find in the couch cushions (not much) and the bottom of my purse (potentiallly lucrative).
posted by theora55 23 March | 18:19