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08 September 2022

posted by: arse_hat at: 23:32 | 2 comments
Oh my, I didn't know they made such vocalizations! My only experience -- thankfully -- with a porcupine was being awakened at 2 in the morning to the sound of one chewing my back stairs. They apparently crave salt -- maybe on their corn too? -- and in the winter we put ice melt down on the stairs. It would not leave the stairs alone no matter how much I shouted until we tossed a cup of vinegar at it. Then it waddled off. I sure hope our dog never encounters one. Local Instagram is filled with photos of poor dogs that do.
posted by terrapin 09 September | 08:27
I love Teddy the porcupine. What a personality.
posted by senyar 23 September | 12:44