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25 May 2021

Does the International Community know about what's happening in India? Mass Graves; Innumerable Pyres; Black Fungus; White Fungus; New Strains... ?

[More:]Our official death toll is 350,000. Multiply it by 10 and you'll be closer to the actual number. That is, by August 1, 3 to 5 million Indians would've died.

Which is what Global Epidemiologists have forecast.

Brazil, with a population of 215,000,000 (roughly), has had 450,000 deaths, which seems more reasonable. If you take that as a barometer, India, which has a population of 1,500,000,000 (roughly), would have 3,000,000 as the total number of dead, which corroborates the experts' predictions.

This means that the total number of deaths, WORLD WIDE, would amount up-to more than 3 million, which is the same number that India would have lost.

3,000,000 deaths, that will never be counted or admitted to.
posted by: hadjiboy at: 10:33 | 6 comments
I have seen on the news aerial footage of open graves, hundreds of them, and there are reports of contaminated rivers due to people disposing of bodies in the water. But I don't know if I've heard of those numbers. I don't doubt it is a much higher toll than we know. The people at the lowest level of society are too often seen as disposable.

I'm so sorry.
posted by senyar 26 May | 06:08
Oh, it's not your fault Senyar... it's not mine either, or anyone besides the men in power who have murder on their hands for the inaction that they're responsible for... my government is run by despicable scum--the worst type of sorry excuses for human beings there are.

These people are some of the most richest and powerful people on earth, and like those people--are beyond reproach.
posted by hadjiboy 26 May | 11:29
And the powerful have access to exemplary health care and safety measures, while the rest are left to fend for themselves and suffer.

Horrible, Horrible experience for y'all. Living with uncertainty and constant dread and fear plus disbelief and grief all together is a constant battering.

Hold on. We care, even if we can do nothing to help.

posted by mightshould 26 May | 20:14
Hey might, these people who I talk of have the might of the whole country behind them--all of the government's services--the best doctors; the best nurses; the best hospitals... nothing is out of their reach. They wouldn't even have the slightest knowledge of how the common men and women are suffering.

Most people here can't even get a decent bed. You can forget about luxuries like oxygen for their lungs or medicine for their bodies.

It's fucking shameful that our corrupt and megalomaniacal leaders were so busy trying to impress the whole world, that they ended up shipping all of the vaccines that were to be allocated amongst the population, to other nations, without even thinking about us.

Fucking pigs, the lot of them... fathers-mothers-brothers-sisters, entire families destroyed.
posted by hadjiboy 27 May | 07:28
I'm so sorry. It's a massive tragedy, and I'm sorry you have to experience it and that so many people are suffering.
posted by theora55 05 June | 12:14
Thanks theora, that's very kind of you... things have started to settle down a bit, but now the deaths are a result of black fungus, which either leaves you blind (in one eye, at least--the one that the fungi has decided to attack, which is the one that the doctors will have to remove, to save your life), if you're lucky that is. If not, well, you'll have to take that long walk towards the man upstairs.
posted by hadjiboy 14 June | 09:55