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01 August 2020

Tell me something about your day.
posted by: miko at: 23:30 | 5 comments
Desperately staving tiny cat that showed up about ten days ago now looks great and she jumped into my lap today and just can't seem to get enough scratching. She is off to be fixed on Tuesday morning. I love cats but they find me from miles away. I may need to do another fundraiser.
posted by arse_hat 02 August | 00:04
I'm going to the supermarket later today, to the only one round here that feels safe. It's fairly small, most of the staff have worked there for years and know all the regular customers, and there's an elderly population in this area, so people are cautious. I've been in there twice, both times on Sunday afternoons when I know it's quiet, and people have been masked and observing social distancing.

I need to buy strawberries, as two friends of mine who are married to each other both have their birthdays and their wedding anniversary on Tuesday so I'm going to give them a box of chocolate-dipped strawberries. I bought a giant sack of Costco chocolate chips the other day and need to do something with them other than eat a handful every time I open the cupboard they're kept in.

arse_hat, I found this gorgeous boy dumped in the forest early on Thursday morning. He was in a cat box with no door on it, in some bushes by a plain which lots of people cross for dog-walking or hiking. I think he was left in such a place that he'd easily be spotted, but there is still no excuse to dump an unwanted pet. If Rudi wasn't such a complete arsehole, I'd have kept this little boy. But Rudi hates all other cats and can be quite bitey with me, so I wouldn't want to risk another cat in the house. Rudi's such an effing weirdo.

It's all turned out well though. I phoned the local cat rescue shelter (The Scratching Post) and they said they'd take him (it's a no-kill adoption centre). I posted that I'd found him on the local neighbourhood forum, and even before I'd taken him to the shelter, people were phoning The Scratching Post asking to adopt him. (All potential adopters have to have a home visit, so I know he'll get a good home.)

At the Scratching Post he was scanned (no chip) and checked over. As I'd guessed, he's under a year old, and hasn't been neutered. In all likelihood he's not been vaccinated either. So all that will be taken care of before he goes to a new home. He'll make a lovely pet. Even though he was scared to death, he was really affectionate and seems to have a sweet nature.
posted by senyar 02 August | 06:08
Senyar, he is a gorgeous fellow!
posted by arse_hat 02 August | 14:38
Awww, animal rescuers are the BEST people. Y'all are awesome.

Hereabouts, hurricane prep is underway. I worked outside at the garden center in the blazing sun and heat, bringing in plants and other battening down. Heat indexes both days at 105. I drank one gatorade and five bottles refilled with water and did not need to pee because it was pouring out of every pour.heh. Awful conditions.

This morning, I was out at 5:30 completing my prep and had to peel my clothing off when I came inside because it is like a steam sauna outside. It's 9 AM and I am finished with outside, so will only venture out once the rain starts because this old person just cannot handle any more.

Thankfully, wind speed predictions are for max 90 mph, so don't expect too much damage.
posted by mightshould 03 August | 08:17
That is an ADORABLE cat.
posted by miko 03 August | 19:18