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05 November 2018

I hab a cold. I'm trying to focus on self-study work and brushing up for a job interview, but during my (too-frequent) breaks I'm amusing myself by covering songs from Extraordinary Machine in the style of Tom Waits.
Between the raw/sore throat, drainage, and horehound candy (well, Ricola drops), that's about where my voice is at today.
posted by: sysinfo v2.0 at: 16:05 | 2 comments
Ugggg. Cold and interview? Two things that don't do well togeter...

* long arm hugs *
posted by mightshould 05 November | 16:30
Never thought of it before but Fiona Apple songs would work well in a Tom Waits style.

This reminds me I really need to get my flu shot soon.

Hope you mend soon.

I am going to get a horehound candy now.
posted by arse_hat 05 November | 17:31