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14 April 2017

OMG Bunnies! WWII vintage. For pets or food.
posted by: arse_hat at: 22:37 | 5 comments
The woman in the second picture looks as if she's trying her hardest not to kiss that bunny.
posted by senyar 15 April | 02:34
And that bunny looks like a bit of a player.
posted by arse_hat 15 April | 03:03
I'd say rabbits are the greatest challenge to the proposed pet/food binary. Aren't they?
posted by miko 20 April | 23:53
Well certainly more difficult than with humans*.

*I do not actually endorse cannibalism
posted by arse_hat 21 April | 03:10
We don't eat rabbit, because we've had them for pets. Luckily, we can make that choice. I know when I told my grandfather we had gotten a rabbit, he said "Oh? We raised rabbits when I was a kid." I got all excited, until he said "For meat."

Pigs are really adorable and smart, and my husband would love to have one for a pet (except for the whole size of a grown pig thing). Except, they're made of bacon, so I would have a hard time with that.
posted by needlegrrl 21 April | 07:17